Interview Tips for Web Designers and Developers

How to Nail Your Interview

Congratulations, you've made it to the next step of the hiring process! Some people find interviews intimidating, but if you're properly prepared and review our interview tips, you'll have the confidence needed to make a great impression.

Step 1. Be Prepared for Many Types of Interviews

Interviews come in many forms. Some companies start off with a phone screen, and Skype is a popular option as well. For the in-person scenario, you could just be meeting with one person, an entire group, or multiple people individually. Be prepared with multiple copies of your resume if you're interviewing in person. Depending on the position, a presentation or portfolio (printed or online) may also be appropriate. You should make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, and be mindful that anything you've posted on social media could be fair game to potential employers.

Regardless of the medium, make sure you look professional, but your research on the company should reveal whether or not a suit is appropriate with the company's culture. Read more ...

Step 2. Do Your Homework

It seems so obvious, but oftentimes candidates overlook the importance of doing their research before the interview. Make sure you do your homework—on the company, the position, even the industry. You should explore the company's website, social media accounts and annual reports. You could also search for news written about the company and take a look at (but remember to take these comments with a grain of salt, as many do come from former employees). As another bonus, good research should help you generate educated questions to ask during the interview process. Read more ...

Step 3. Interviews are a Two Way Street

Remember, you aren't the only one being interviewed, you are also doing your due diligence to make sure the company and the position are right for your career goals. Be prepared with questions and ask questions throughout—there's no need to wait until the end. The best interviews are treated more like conversations.

A few basic questions that you should keep in mind include asking about the typical day or the position's responsibilities, advancement opportunities or career paths within the company, and qualities of successful employees. These questions will also help you gauge if the job is a good fit for you.

Don't Avoid Sticky Topics

Have a gap or two in your employment history? Be proactive and upfront about the situation, as its guaranteed you will be asked. Addressing any potential concerns head-on show that you have a take-charge attitude and aren't trying to hide anything. Read more ...

Step 4. Close the Deal

At the end of interview, take the opportunity to ask if there are any reservations about selecting you as the final candidate. You should also ask about next steps in the process and the anticipated timeline for filling the position. After you're done, follow up promptly by saying thanks via email or a handwritten note. Read more ...