About Jobety

What is Jobety?

Jobety is a free service that provides curated and customizable web design, development and freelance jobs. You get to choose what areas you're interested in and we only send you jobs that relate to your selections. For example, if you're a front-end developer, we'll only send you jobs related to HTML/CSS/JS development.

But Jobety is more than just a job board. Our Resources section offers you a complete guide to writing the perfect resume and excelling during the interview process. Need tips on putting together an awesome portfolio that showcases your mad web design skills, or maybe you’d like to keep up on various development techniques and tutorial... whatever you need, just check out our blog, or send us a suggestion on topics you’d like to see covered.

How is it different than sites like Krop or Authentic Jobs?

Krop and Authentic Jobs are great job boards and we actually use a lot of listings from both sites. The main difference between these sites and Jobety is that we dig through hundreds of jobs each day so you only get quality listings sent to your inbox.

What types of jobs are featured on Jobety?

Jobety serves a specific niche of full-time and freelance work for the job seeker looking for a job related to front-end, UI/UX, design, iOS, android, backend, Wordpress, project management and tech related marketing fields. There’s no need to sift through hundreds of irrelevant postings.

Recruiters and HP pros also see value in Jobety’s niche audience, so you may notice #FeaturedJobs at the top of the newsletter that highlight these sponsored posts.

Who's behind Jobety?

Nate Smith, a UI developer who also has a passion for charcuterie (avid sausage maker).

How often do you send out the jobs newsletter?

You can receive emails daily or weekly. Weekly emails are sent out every Wednesday.